Safest European Destinations for Summer 2020

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Coronavirus is here to stay (at least with what we know at the moment) but many countries – namely in Europe – have opened up their borders last month and if you are anything like me you’re probably dying to leave home and visit some new place (safely, of course)!

Having that in mind I created a guide with all the informations you need to know to travel safely to the European regions that were least affected by the Coronavirus.

***The 5 countries that follow are not necessarily the 5 safest countries to travel to in Europe, but rather 5 from the safest ones.

1.Madeira, Portugal

Portugal was luckily not highly affected by the COVID-19 and if there’s a region in the country that was barely affected that is the island of Madeira. With only 130 cases and no deaths at all, this island is for sure one of the safest places to visit.

Placed in the Atlantic Ocean, this award-winning destination has plenty to offer from beautiful beaches to picturesque towns and lot of traditional activities you won’t want to miss.

If you’re planning to visit Madeira, you are not obligated to quarantine, though you might have to perform a test at arrival if you haven’t done one 72 hours prior to embarkation. It is also mandatory since the beginning of this month to use a community mask even in public spaces or areas. Visit this website for more information.

2. Malta

Malta was also one of the European countries to act early once they got their first Coronavirus’ cases and thanks to that it is one of the countries included in this list.

Malta is an island in the Mediterranean that can easily be the perfect summer destination for everybody. It has plenty of beaches worth visiting for its crystal blue water (the island of Comino and Gozo are also worth visiting as the waters there are even bluer) but also a lot of small cities with plenty of history!

Check this website for the list of countries that don’t have to do quarantine when traveling to Malta.

3. Greece

If there’s a country that immediately makes us think of summer that would have to be Greece. And good for us is that it is also considered one of the safest worldwide destinations at the moment.

Greece needs no presentation. More than a thousand islands offer you dreamy beaches, marvellous weather and cities with history like no other place in the planet.

Greece’s borders are open to all countries according to the EU guidelines, but if you’re planning to visit Greece and you are from outside the EU make sure to visit this website to see if you need to present any kind of test at arrival.

4. Croatia

Just like all the others countries mentioned so far, Croatia has something for all tastes. Stunning beaches, blue waters, medieval cities… and for the fans of Game of Thrones you can even take a full tour in Dubrovnik through all the places where the TV show was filmed.

If you’re from any EU country, you’re free to travel to Croatia without any restriction. Otherwise, visit this website for more informations on which restrictions apply to your country of origin.

5. Poland

In contrast to all the other countries mentioned, Poland isn’t a Southern Europe country, but it is still an amazing country worth visiting and also one considered the safest to travel rigt now.

Since its shore lays on the Baltic Sea, Poland also has some gorgeous beaches to visit, but the truth is that this country is much more than that: it has numerous cities with so much history, beautiful forests, mountais and lake districts! It’s safe to say you won’t be bored at all here.

All EU citizens are free to travel to Poland without restrictions. If you’re from outside the EU check this website for all informations regarding restrictions to your country of origin.

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