5 places I want to visit after quarantine

Photo by Leah Kelley on Pexels.com

I don’t know about you guys, but, lately, all I’ve been thinking about is traveling. We’ve always taken our freedom for granted and only now that we are forced to stay inside we realize how important for us it is to be able to be outside and explore.

Personally, I’ve always had the travel bug and I had promised myself that 2020 would be my travel year (a friend of mine and I had made a resolution of reaching the count of 20 countries because we’re going to turn 20 this year), but now I don’t really see that happening… I haven’t lost hope yet, but it’s going to be a hard one! Hahahahah!

Is spite of all that’s currently going on, I’ve decided to share with you what my 5 dream travels are – because even though we are now stuck at home, many countries are already opening their boarders and we definitiely need some inspiration and motivation to keep being at home after two months of isolation.

1.New York City

I don’t know if it’s because of the movies or of the mysticism it exhales for someone who lives over 5000Km away, but New York has always attracted me and it’s definitely one of the first places I want to visit once all these travel bans end (I’m actually hoping to be able to visit next year for my 21st birthday). The city that never sleeps definitely seems like the place that has something for all tastes!

2.New Zealand

This was definitely one place Instagram made me want to add to my bucket list. New Zealand is exactly on the other side of the world regarding Portugal, so I have to be honest and say I never really gave it much thought, but after seeing marvelous photos of endless roads with magnificent views (perfect for road trips!!), lupin fields right by the bluest lakes and the amazing beaches, I was totally convinced!!


I’ve always had a fascination for Latin America and Cuba, especially. With all its colorful cars and buildings and rich History, it looks like one of those places where you have both beaches and cities full of history. Besides that, the fact that now Cuba is a country more open to the world (namely the US) definitely made it jump to the top of my bucket list, because I really want to visit it before globalization hits them and they start losing their authenticity.

4.Amalfi Coast

I’m the biggest fan of Italy: the language, the food, the culture… everything is just so appealing!! And the Amalfi Coast is just one of those dreamy places I couldn’t leave out of my list. This is THE place for an European roadrip as it is full of small cute towns (for example, Cinque Terre) alongside a marvelous shoreline!!


Bali is another place that Instagram made me want to visit and I know it is a cliché, but can you really blame me?! By now, you’ve probably notice how much dual places: with both cities and beaches to visit, and Bali is another one of those places. Here we are presented with no only cities and beaches, but also jungles in a place full of culture and that means so much to so many people! Definitely one not to miss!

What about you? What are some of your dreamy travel destinations? Have you visited any of these and if yes, what did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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