Three books you have to read

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We’ve all been quarantining for a little bit too longer now, and even though we have all these ideas of things we want to do and get better at we somehow find ourselves at a crossword where we don’t know where to start. Sounds familiar?

Well, in honor of today being the World Book Day, I’ve decided to come here and share with you guys three of my favorite book that you can (and should) read while at home.

P.S.: If you’re struggling with ideas to keep yourself occupied at home, check this post for 10+ activities to do when stuck inside 🙂

***Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. Purchasing through these links earns me a commission at no extra charge to you. I only recommend things I use and love, and all opinions are my own.

The Ice Princess by Camilla Läckberg

This was the first book in crime fiction genre that I read (besides the ones from Agatha Christie when I was about 10) and I can say that this was definitely the one that fostered my love for crime fiction.

I’ve read all Camilla’s books so far (10 in the Fjällbacka series from which The Ice Princess is the first and another one, The Golden Cage, that features different characters) and, even though the “recipe” is always the same, each and every one of her books grabs us by its plot and it’s impossible to stop reading it. Her mix of both familiar at-home scenes and violent crimes alongside an heavy emotional charge make all her books bestsellers and they’re really worth reading!

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Unlike what I usually do, I actually watched the movie before reading the book and I loved it so much that I knew I had to read it. And it really didn’t disappoint!

Elizabeth is such a good writer and her descriptions make us feel that we are actually at the same location as Liz (the main character) and, for someone who loves traveling as much as I do, that was really a plus!

This book focus on Liz’s self-discovery after filing for divorce and it takes us to Italy, India and Bali and it truly is a book we should all read! If this book doesn’t make you want to travel, I don’t know what will (and you even get to learn a few important lessons while reading it)!

The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory

This is the second book of the author, but it’s definitely my favorite from her! It tells the story of a woman whose boyfriend proposes to her in front of an entire baseball stadium and then she has to rely on the help of a stranger and his sister to leave the stadium without facing the disappointed faces of all those who watched everything (especially her boyfriend) after rejecting his proposal.

If you’re looking for a fun light read this is the book you’re looking for! We are offered such a big diversity of characters with different bahaviors and values that it’s impossible not to relate to at least one and, besides that, this is just the cutest story!

Well, that was it for today! Hope you find these recommendations useful 🙂 If you have any favorite book of yours that you would like to share feel free to leave the name in the comments.

12 thoughts on “Three books you have to read

  1. The only book I’ve read out of this bunch was Eat, Pray, Love, but I totally have to read the other two. The Proposal sounds hilarious! Thank you for sharing. 🙂


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